The Collossus of AnthelionEdit

A massive statue depicting the ancient military commander of the Nashun region, Helion. After the Eronam Empire's campaigns into Ostentia, they built this collossus, and a twin, in the two military cities Helion had built. Its twin, in Parhelion, was destroyed in an earthquake just over a millenia ago. The statue stands at 35 metres and watches over anything passing into the Bay of Apaturi.

Palace Walkway - Houses of ParliamentEdit

Built in the 17th Century, during Renaissance Mearor, the Houses of Parliament were once a palace for Mearor's long deceased royal family. Of particular interest is the walkway to the front of the building. Open to the public, and one of Epiphany's greatest tourist attractions, the stunning display of architechture and water features have made the long stretch leading to parliament a cultural icon for all of Ostentia.

The Monument to UnityEdit

Now destroyed, the Monument to Unity was built in the mid 1900s and cost the equivalent of over 15 million Hemre, this monument was built in honour of the then-current leader of Boondoxia, President Calluna, who is, even today, a regional hero due to her successful policies. The monument was 73 metres high and towered over Apeiron. The actual building consisted of a rotating external structure of stainless steel and glass. The inside was a museum area, with a 5 star restaurant on the top floor, granting panoramic views of Boondoxia's capital. To cap it off, the entire structure was a giant water feature, with cascades down its sides and fountains in the surrounding area, as well as inside. It was destroyed in October 2009 by an explosion, which left seven people dead. This was thought to be perpetrated by Assym.

The Serpent Wall of OrediaEdit

During the period of the Eronam Empire's conquering of Ostentia, Oredia contructed a great wall along its borders. The height varied in places, but generally was about 6 metres. With regular watchtowers, the wall served the purpose of keeping the invading armies of the Eronam Empire out of Oredia for 650 years. When the Eronam Empire withdrew, the wall was repaired and can still be seen today. The original wall took approximately three centruries to complete and was regularly manned by the main bulk of the Oredian army.

The Grand Canal of NashunEdit

Originally built by the Eronam Empire to link the Rivers Yare and Thorby to provide naval transport across Nashun, this perfectly straight canal is still in remarkably good condition. Although now superseded by the Nashun Shipping Canal, which runs parallel to it, the Grand Canal is still used for pleasure boating, however speed restrictions are in place. The canal is accompanied on either side by a tow-path, cobbled in the traditional Eronam style. At several points along the canal, Eronam Villas and Trading posts exist, inlaid with Mosaics, however these are often not available for public viewing.

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