The Ostentian Democrat Party


The Ostentian Democrat Party
Free-market economics,
small government

The Ostentian Democrat Party was a small Ostentian political party. It was founded by Commoncold0 as a national version of the Oredian Democrat Party. The party had 24 seats in the House of Commons, making it the fourth largest party in Ostentia until entering a coalition with the The Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party where it got to the run-offs.


Although descriptions of the ODP's ideology have varied from "classical liberalism" to "evil capitalism", the broad public perception of the party's position is that it is centre-right. In the Original Party Topic the party advocates a rejection of interventionist policies on both social and economic matters. However, it also makes clear that it wishes to continue the state provision of healthcare and education in Ostentia.


In its most recent manifesto, the Ostentian Democrat Party announced that if elected, it would follow 5 key policies:

  • The reduction of the Basic Tax Rate in accordance with the Golden Rule.
  • The introduction of laws regulating and protecting the country's Trade Unions.
  • The establishment of a student loans scheme to increase university access.
  • The devolution of public transport policies.
  • The introduction of a green belt scheme.

However, a new manifesto is expected to be published before the next election, so it is unclear as to whether the party will remain committed to these policies.

Electoral PerformanceEdit

The Ostentian Democrat Party stood for parliament for the first time in the June 2008 General Election. The party performed well, doubling its number of seats, although its support did remain concentrated in Oredia. Commoncold0 also stood for the post of Prime Minister, coming joint third in the first round of voting with 16.67% of the vote.