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The Northern Isles
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Perhaps the least willing Region (and following 2009 reforms, state) to join the Union, the Northern Isles are still a mystery to most. Relying mainly on a large fishing industry, the steep volcanic islands with marshy geography on most flat areas being suitable for very little else, the islands have a very small economy and are still very poor. Transport to the Northern Isles was, at the time of unification, by boat from West Mearor, and took several days in some weather conditions. This was remedied by the Norther Isles Transport Initiative, which resulted in the construction of an International Airport and larger dock facilities on Torness. Ambitious plans by the navy to secure some of the money for a new deep water naval base have proved unsuccessful

The Separatist CrisisEdit

After the March elections of 2008, The Separatist Party gained an overall majority in the Northern Isles assembly after a member of The Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party in the region defected. Toby Allander, the Separatist leader, soon announced he intended on calling a referendum for independence from Ostentia. Despite an ammendment in the constitution to attempt to prevent them from doing so, an independence referendum was held. While there was a majority in favour of separation, it was deemed to small by the Separatist Party to declare their independence.

During the following term, The Boo Party passed the Northern Isles Transport Inititive in an attempt to win favour with Northern Islanders, to moderate success: the following independnce referendum lost. The next term was won by The Let's Make It A Three Party Election For Once Party, whose Gellish Trade Treaty increased tensions again as Northern Isles' farmers feared they would be undercut. The Harvest Boon act soon put these fears at ease.

In May, just after the May Elections, Toby Allander was arrested after a visit to the mainland. Hours later he was shot in a drive-by as police attempted to take him away. He later died in hospital. Following his death, a regional assembly election was called, which say the Separatist Party lose all but one seat in the assembly, and the F&V=P Party gain a majority. The leader of the regional F&V=P Party, Samuel Pepeys was appointed governor.


Torness, the tiny capital of the Northern Isles, located on Iama Island isn't much more than an average sized town, by most Ostentian standards. The Northern Isles' fishing industry is based around this "city", which is the main administrative settlement for the Northern Isles. Originally it was also a trade centre, however the Northern Isles Transport Initiative moved the focal point for imports and exports seaward to the airport and docks. The town is the largest in the Northern Isles, and is famed for its fishmarket. Fish were originally transported from the sea up the long road to the market in trailers full of cold seawater in order to preserve them.

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