The Hyrule Scrolls Party
The Hyrule Scrolls Party
Political Affiliation
Centre/centre right
No and never was
Other Info
The Worst Party Ever™!!!

The Hyrule Scrolls Party is considered by most to be the worst thing that happened to Democratia. Nicknamed "The Worst Party Ever™ (even by some of its own members), it played a large role in making the people of Democratia appreciate the governments that came before it.


The Hyrule Scrolls party entered midway through Democratia's time as a whole country. Out of no-where, master dingley and Cieran created a very basic manifesto and were rumoured to have "rigged" the polls to get in power (see March 1993 Democratian General Election). The party attempted to focus on gaining popular support and asking the electorate what they wanted, however this failed, producing few bills.

In Democratia the party stood twice and was elected once. Whilst elected The Hyrule Scrolls Party had the lowest number of bills proposed in the history of Democratia. Soon after, the party disbanded due to numerous complaints from throughout the country, and a catastrophic rail disaster.

Its two main members, master dingley and Cieran, moved to The Boo Party whilst everyone else mysteriously disappeared, aside Savage who went on to form The Insanity Party


After the Hyrule Scrolls party disbanded, the two core members of the party were absorbed by the Boo Party.

The Ostentian version the party could broadly be considered to be the IPNH Party, as they are both similar in aims.


The controversial elections that March meant that the government wasn't chosen from the popular vote, but was instead appointed after a series of votes in the House of Commons. It was this unusual system that allowed Master Dingley to claim victory and form the next government, knocking the previous administration into third place. However, despite initial enthusiasm, the government stalled, not proposing any bills for much of its time in office. This was partly to the extremely hung nature of that parliament, in which the third party was large enough to be recognised as a second opposition. Another factor was infighting within the party itself, over whether to introduce left wing or right wing policies. Things went from bad to worse after 34 people died in a train crash, with the government receiving most of the blame. In the end, Master Dingley announced that he would not seek a second term in office, and the party was declared dissolved. However, despite its failings, the government of Master Dingley brought new life to the politics of Democratia, showing that the traditional parties didn't always have to win.