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Democratic Labour Party
Democratic Socialism

The DLP (Democratic Labour Party) is a Centre-left party in Ostentia and was formed by Lewis. On the electoral map it is represented as the colour purple.The DLP is generally recognised as the third lagest party in Ostentia, even though it has been equal second and equal third in the last two elections respectivley.

Foundings/Policy Edit

The DLP was founded before the May 2008 elections by Lewis. The party's aims were for Industry to become more widespread, school to be better for Kinesthetic learners, For Small businesses to grow and to help those in small communities. After the election they made many pledges to the rural communities. The Party is keen on Employment being a major factor in reducing crime and seeks to keep unemployment as low as possible. The Party also is known for it's enthusiasm for improving the education and transport system as well as introducing national parks.

Constitution Edit

The first Constitution started as so:

“I am no better or no worse than any person. Only if I give respect will I ever earn respect, and so every person in our country and outside should be treated as brothers. We must always seek knowledge of others before judging. Only in a country of understanding may we be free and equal. I agree that anyone who means harm to those who do not deserve it, will always be brought to justice. There is more satisfaction to be gotten out of helping others than helping yourself. For if I get myself as much treasure when I am still alive, I'll only have more to lose when I die. No matter what Race, nationality, sex, age or ability any person is, we were all created in the same way, we are all made of the same substances and we all have the same chance to improve the lives of everyone on the planet.”

The Constitution was taken from Lewis's "Purple flag, White unicorn" which is a centre-left movement based on the principles written in his blog. The Constitution was replaced with a shorter and more induvidual piece of writing:

"The Democratic Labour Party exists to serve the people indiscriminately, treat them with respect and we exist to give them a safer, wealthier and more equal Ostentia. The DLP never forgets the poor and disadvantaged, we never forget that the economy is vital to a working Ostentia and we will do our best to try and rid our country of unemployment. We shall never rest until the people of Ostentia are free to live safely, free to live happily and free to be treated fairly."

Members Edit

The DLP is the smallest party with only 1 real member, even though it secured the same amount of votes as the other opposition parties in it's first election. In the last election it came joint third and maintained a good amount of influence over the parliament.