The Dark Ages
1850 AD

Before the Dark Ages Ostentia was part of the Grand Alliance which involved Ostentia, Empithrinia and some more, unknown countries to the south and played an important role in staving of the Autocratian Empire.

The Autocratian Empire occupied areas to the West, but through use of superior naval tactics Ostentia managed to maintain a stalemate which prevented Autocratian troops from landing until internal problems forced them to cease expansion at the beginning of the Dark Ages when information about the outside world was lost.

Little is known about the exact sequence of events, and historians still disagree over what may or may not have happened, but it appears that roughly 150 years ago, civilisations across the world began to collapse, as the Imperial Age grew to a close. This is known as the Dark Ages, or sometimes the Age of Ignorance.

At this time, the world was firmly divided into empires and unions of states - however, it was mostly an age of peace and learning. The Ostentian League ensured peace between the nations of the peninsula, and also appears to have made peace with the Autocracian Empire, which had decided against further expansion. Other empires are also referred to: records refer to a Golden Empire in the south, and of a Niatese Empire in the North. Several other empires and unions of nations also seem to have existed, but records of these have been lost.

What happened next is unclear, but records speak of "a foul evil" appearing in the Empire of the Islands which, according to records, appears to have collapsed almost overnight. Whatever this evil was, it seems to have triggered great suspicion amongst the empires, all of which seem to have gone into isolation. However, "this evil didst spread, and all fell before it". One by one, the empires appear to have collapsed, and the world became a much darker place.

There is disagreement over what this evil was. Some have speculated that it may have been some sort of revolutionary philosophy, which sparked popular uprisings. Others have suggested that it may have been the invention of some sort of weapon. A few historians even believe that this evil was a plague, and that the empires went into isolationism and later broke down as they tried and failed to defeat the illness.

One thing does appear to be clear though: during a period of about 20 years, 2/3 of the world's population appears to have died, and almost all traces of civilisation from that period were destroyed. It's only been recently that countries have been able to recover.