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In an ideal position on the peninsula, in the face of the prevailing winds, the state (former Region, prior to the 2009 reforms) of Oredia grew rich on trades. Orientale is Ostentia's primary port, dealing with thousands of containers a day, and the regional capital, Aurora only lost out to Epiphany at the final round to become the Ostentian capital. The interior of Oredia is rich with mineral wealth. In the upper regions around Mt. Zetetic, huge mines for gold, diamonds, gems of all sorts, litter the uplands. The people of Oredia live comfortably, without having any major industry, relying on trade and the service sector.

Despite not sharing its religion, Oredia does share a lot of cultural influences with Wo. Architecture and the now unused Oredian language are both similar to Wolish, to name only two examples.


Aurora is the capital of the region of Oredia, and narrowly lost out in the final round when the decision was made on which city would become the capital of the newly unified Ostentia. A large, beautiful city located in the shadow of Mt Zetetic it was built on the riches of Oredia's large mineral industry, leading to many impressive pieces of architecture, both in public buildings and also the homes built by its richest citizens. Once, Salience lay at the centre of academia, now many believe it to be Aurora, and Aurora University is widely regarded as one of the best in Ostentia.

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The largest dock area in Ostentia, and rival to Aurora for regional capital. Orientale is less magestic than it's cousin, as well as being smaller, but it's economy is superior.