National Parks Act
National Parks Act
Government Bill

The National Parks Act went as follows:

National Parks ActEdit

Under this bill, a national park system would be set utp to protect environmentally senetive areas. The Department for the Environment would decide where national parks should be set up, but before an area can be declared a national park, there would be a week long period in which the local council could voice any objections. If any objections should be raised, they would have to be resolved before the area could become a national park.

A focus group would be set up to decide exactly what speacial protection national parks should have.

Punishment for failing to comply with national park regulations would result in either a fine or a prison sentence, depending on what unlawful activity the culprit had taken part in. To catch the criminals, park rangers would be employed. Though this would be expensive, it is worth the cost to protect Ostentia's environment.

There should be no need for extra funding as the environment already recieves more than needed.

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