Government Finance Act
Government Finance Act
Private Member Bill

The Government Finance Act went as follows:

Government Finance ActEdit

Under this bill, the government will no longer need parliament to approve budgets. Ministers with the budget power will be able to redistribute funds and take out loans without needing the consent of parliament. The government must still seek parliamentary approval for changes in taxation. Any changes to taxation will be done by through the use of taxation motions, which can be created by government ministers with the budget power. All members of parliament will still have the ability to alter taxation and spending levels through legislation.

To allow for the implementation of this bill, the Constitution shall be ammended as follows:

  1. Article 8d shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
  2. The following text shall be added to the constitution as article 8h: "The government shall have the power to directly alter the budget without the use of legislation. This power is restricted in that the government must seek parliamentary approval for changes in taxation."

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