Other cities
Serenitatis, Zenith
Governing Party
Unity Coalition (Boo Party is largest)

The highest and most mountainous of Ostentia's states, Falahn boasts Mt Elenor, the highest point on the peninsula. No point in the province is below 500m. The sheer slopes mean that very little crops are grown, indeed, most farming which takes place is livestock, cultivated in the bottom of the glacial troughs radiating out from Mt. Elenor. The relics of the past are also scattered around the high peaks. Ancient monasteries, crumbling universities, a symbol of its academic past. Scholars sought refuge in the mountains to escape the warring tribes of the plains, yet since the formalisation of Ostentia into countries rather than fiefdoms, they have all but left. The area is again experiencing rural depopulation, as the many sons of farmers leave to make their fortune in the city, forgoing their farming heritage. Prior to the 2009 federal reforms, it was a Region, yet simply transited to a state after this.


On the surface, Falahn's Regional Capital doesn't look like much, but, in this case, looks are deceiving. The city was first built during Falahn's prime, when it was the philosophical and academic centre of the peninsula. Ruins litter the landscape, and many museums have sprouted in the city, often built around and on excavated temples.

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The highest city in Ostentia, Zenith is famed for its Buddhist temple, the largest in Ostentia. There are no vehicles permitted in Zenith, and all access is by air or by a gruelling five day trek from Serenitatis. Because of this, the city is relatively undisturbed, despite being relatively large. It is characterised by narrow cobbled streets, steep hills and being snowbound throughout the year. The city mainly subsides on yak farming, with much of its produce now airlifted in by helicopter.